Stationery designed to declutter paper in your working space



3 months

User Centred Design, Ethnographic Research, Persona, Sketching, Prototyping, Modelmaking, Teardown, CAD, 3D Modeling, FDM/SLS 3D Printing, Exploded View, Stationery


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Push&Press is a range of functional stationery that help you declutter papers in your work space. With the Push&Press Hole Punch and Stapler, you can better file the papers you want to keep. As for what you destroy, the Confetti Shredder lets you easily remove sensitive information without having to destroy entire documents.


Create an inventive, functional design solution to a relevant problem associated with working at home. This can be a stand-alone idea or a small collection of products. Consider if Joseph Joseph created products for the home office or to support working at home, what would they be? What problems would they solve and how would they solve them?

Brand Analysis

From SWOT analysis to potential market positioning, I was able to decode the brand values of JosephJoseph to guide my product design journey.

Research and Insights

Paper clutter builds up and I don’t know what to do.
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Working from home

Interviews and research revealed clutter to be the primary obstacle to creating a productive work space.


Paper clutter

Based on my research on paper clutter in people’s working space, I spot specific issues that most people have on dealing with these paper piles. Without a designated office space, it is daunting to sort your papers especially when you don't have the right tools.


Persona and Shadowing

My target user would run his own home-based business having lots of paperwork to do. He has his own working space but works in the living room or co-working space. He usually works with a laptop but has paperwork all over his desk and even the floor.



While sketching out ideas, I chose to have a kick on an end of each object as a common design language for a range of stationery products, which is simple yet ergonomic.


Sketch, Make and Test

It was necessary to make models and prototypes in order to explore the scale of design details such as the measuring guides and to achieve the ideal function that each product is designed to have.


CMF and Ergonomics

With beige coloured ABS casing, I have applied three gradient tones of orange on TPE grip. Orange has vibrant shade that can really shake up business space and make it a bit more invigorating. It represents security, sensuality and passion.

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Push&Press Confetti Shredder for easy, handheld use

When maintaining your privacy in the in- formation age, the small things matter; ad- dresses, passwords, and identification numbers scattered across envelops, letterheads, and old transaction statements. But convential paper shredders are large, expensive, often get hammed, and force you to shred sheets at a time. With the Push&Press Confetti Shredder, you can pick and choose both what to destroy and what to keep.


Push&Press Stapler with universal paper guide

Stapling things can be a pain, especially when things go wrong and your papers get ruined. There are so many types of paper of so many different shapes and sizes: who has the time to count them all every time they need to be stapled? With the right staple at the right angle, paper type is not an issue, just the thickness of the stack you’re binding together. The Push&Press Stapler uses a paper stack measuring guide that limits you to the maximum thickness that your staples can handle. Once in position, the staple guides push the paper to a 45 degree angle, ideal for successful stapling.


Push&Press Hole Punch with built-in centering guide

Hole-punches are heavy, take up a lot of space, and have poor guides for hole punching, leaving you with nothing but a messy binder and a cluttered desk. The Push&Press Hole Punch, however, uses just one pin to make two perfectly aligned holes. Simply bend a sheet of paper without creasing it, push it into the Push&Press Hole Punch, and the guide will ensure that holes wind up in the right place for you. Thanks to it’s efficiency and small size, the Push&Press Hole Punch will keep both your binders and your desk all the tidier.


Design for manufacturing

These pieces of information are key for a manufacturer to understand and assess my design intentions. Also, knowing how each part is manufactured helped me develop my design so that the products can be easily and economically manufactured.




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